22 janvier 2008

Moi aussi je fais de ma vie une bande dessinée ('ttendez elle est tellement drôle..).

j'y raconterais que: Pascual: "Oh Houda you look like a prostitute!"Houda: "Huh?"Pascual: "Yes, a cheap one!"Houda:"Oh why?"Pascual: "Everything!"Houda: "No tell me exactly!"Pascual: "Your Make-Up colour!"Houda: "Ah.."Sophia: "Haha okay.. nothing to do with the fact that she's completely naked.." Ou alors que: Sophia (seule dans la salle de bain): "You fucking asshole!" Houda: "Sophie.. Tu parles a..?"Sophia:... [Lire la suite]
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08 janvier 2008

They got ambition, do i've got heart?

Guys, I understood something very cool. Here you are: When you spend your day whole listening to LET'S FALL IN LOVE, that's invevitably means that you want to fall in love. Which means that you're not longer in love. AT ALL. FINE, huh? Well. I'll put a picture of me. Because i want to. Actually I don't really know what picture am I going to put. BUT IT WILL BE A PICTURE OF ME, or one of those i took. Bon en gros la vie ça va. Quoique...
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